Good To Know on 18th August 2018

I. Dress code on the wedding day I Semi-formal & summer pastel colours
 Dress up!
Appreciated are elegant & pastel-coloured dresses
Suit up!
Pull out your summer semi-formal suits & pastel-coloured ties

II. Exclusive shuttle service I Enjoy our wedding to the fullest

 We will provide exclusive shuttles picking you up from your hotel and sending you back after the wedding celebration & party
 Find the shuttles’ departure times outlined at your hotel
 Kindly RSVP to our wedding planner with regards to our exclusively booked shuttles

III. Wedding Gift

 Your presence is what we wish for!
 Give us something personal 
 Pick your favourite wine, whiskey or liquor with a personalized label on it and tell us why you chose it
On every future wedding anniversary, we will open one bottle, indulge in memories thinking about sharing the most special day of our life with you
 Tell us your favourite spots
As we are travel enthusiasts, name us your favourite holiday destination & restaurant anywhere on the globe & write it in our guestbook
Every year, we will pick one or two of your recommended holiday destinations & restaurants & happily send you a picture from abroad
 Present us the gift during our beach party on Sunday as it will be more convenient for you on that day